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Ear wax microsuction for ear impaction in Surrey and Sussex
What is Microsuction?
It is a procedure which uses gentle suction to remove excessive or troublesome ear wax.

Ear wax microsuction is performed with the aid of our Zeiss OPMI PICO operating  microscope  and a finely calibrated suction device, without the introduction of any materials or liquids.
Ear wax removal is presently carried out in GP surgeries through ear irrigation, which involves injecting a jet of water into the ear to remove the wax (the old ear syringing method precedes ear irrigation, nowadays not performed anymore). This is not always effective and very often is described as uncomfortable or unpleasant by patients.
Microsuction is very well tolerated by the majority of people, gives you fast results hence it is much more effective than the traditional wax removal methods. It is also SAFE, as the physician can see the structures inside your ear. Very rarely people may need wax softening with ear products, commonly olive oil,  typically though, most clients manage to have their ears cleared in one session without any wax pre-treatment.  
State of the art equipment for ear wax microsuction. Itchy ears? Ear Infections?                                     

Our clients will be able to follow the procedure on a TV screen if so desired, acquiring a better understanding of their conditions and the procedure/treatment.
The EarCare Centre provides daily clinics which are run by
Dr. David Crispin-Chavez, a local General Practitioner in the East Surrey area, who has extensive training and experience in Ear Nose and Throat surgery.         
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