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We can help you with the following:
  • Wax microsuction
  • Recurrent or chronic ear infections(swimmer's ears)
  • Itchy ears
  • Dry/flaky skin/eczema of the pinna/ear lobes  
  • Previous ear surgery like mastoid cavities
  • Blocked ears
  • Foreign body removal 
  • Removal of wax after failed ear irrigation (commonly called ear syringing) or
  • when ear irrigation is contraindicated (previous ear surgery, perforated ear drum, ear infections or dizziness as a result of previous ear syringing).
  • Removal of wax for cooperative young children who have impaired hearing.
  • Hearing aid whistling due to wax accumulation
Chronic Otitis Externa is a cause of itchy ears
Cleaning of the ear must be done before any external or middle ear disease can be diagnosed.
You may have a hearing problem if...
  • People keep saying you are deaf!
  • You think many people seem to mumble.
  • You keep saying "Pardon?".
  • You prefer one to one conversation.
  • You have difficulty understanding what is being said in crowded places or with background noise.
  • Other people think your TV or music is too loud.
  • You can not hear properly the radio, telephone, women or children voices.
  • You start to look at the other person's lips when they are talking to you.
  • You worked in a noisy environment for a long period of time.
  • You can not handle group conversation for long periods as you have to concentrate so hard. 
Types of Hearing Loss
Conductive Hearing Loss
Caused by disorders of the outer and/or middle ear. Sound simply isn’t conducted properly from the outer ear or middle ear to the inner ear. This may be due to physical obstructions e.g. wax build-up or abnormalities e.g. perforated eardrum or damaged and/or defective ossicles that reduce the normal entry of sound waves through the auditory system to the nerves in the inner ear. Some conductive hearing losses can be temporary and can possibly be rectified by medical intervention.
Causes: Wax impaction, fluid in the middle ear, middle ear infections, Otosclerosis,damage to the middle ear bones, perforated eardrum, head injuries or ear trauma.
Sensorineural Hearing Loss
As the description suggests this combines two areas. Sensory hearing loss i.e. the fault lies within the inner ear and neural hearing loss which is related to failings with the auditory neural pathway. The inner ear is unable to properly transmit sound to the brain. The hair cells inside the inner ear (especially those for high frequency hearing) have withered due to age, noise, disease or medications and no longer pick up the nerve impulses properly.This kind of loss is permanent, since hair cells do not re-grow and normally affects both ears. Sensorineural hearing losses affect our sensitivity to sounds as well as our ability to discriminate between sounds.
Causes: age related hearing loss (presbyacusis), damage to the inner ear due to loud noise exposure, certain medications, some viral infections, Meniere's Disease, certain chemotherapy or radiotherapy treatment for cancer, acoustic neuroma (benign growth in the nerve we use for hearing), cholesteatoma. 
Mixed Hearing Loss
It is a combination of above
Does your friend, relative or partner suffer with earache, deafness or tinnitus?
Do they find it harder to communicate or join in conversations?

Do they no longer wear their hearing aids?
Do the hearing aids whistle? Would you like to have a FREE ear examination ? 
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