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Questions and Answers
  • Can I see into my own ear/my child’s ear?
YES. The doctor can set the TV screen attached to the microscope so you are able to view your ear/your child’s ear. Our clients and Parents in general find it very useful to see first hand exactly what the doctor is explaining.
  • Can microsuction hurt me?
No, it usually does not hurt, but it is a little noisy and if the wax is very dry an hard, it may cause a little discomfort. If necessary the procedure can continue on a second session, after some wax softening treatment. 
  • I am due to fly after my microsuction session, will that affect me in any way?
No, it won't. We are cleaning the outer ear, so the middle ear (the space behind the drum) and the inner ear are not disturbed, these are areas usually related to problems with flying. You should be fine afterwards, able to go to work and drive as needed.
  • I had ear infections for years, can I be cured with microsuction?
Microsuction is part of your treatment, usually the first step to your recovery. If you had problems with your outer ear, over a long period of time,  you may also need some medications on prescription, as well as regular microsuction sessions.
  • I heard some people get very dizzy.
Some clients have a little dizziness during or after the procedure. This is more frequent in clients who had ear surgery like mastoidecomies. It usually gets better fairly quickly with a little rest on the couch.

  • Do I need a referral from my GP?
No, you don't. You are welcome to pop in anytime, we will be happy to accommodate you if we can. Many of our new clients are referred to us by existing clients and by word of mouth.
  • My hearing aid whistles a lot.
You may have an ear canal full of wax, this creates interference or "whistling", we call this "feed back". See your GP/nurse or book an appointment for ear wax microsuction on 01883 212800. Another reason could be a poorly fitted hearing aid, you may need your mould remade or your hearing aid may need fine tuning.
01883 212800
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