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Upper eyelid non surgical blepharoplasty
Lower eyelid non surgical blepharoplasty
Upper and Lower eyelids in ONE session
Perioral/Smoker's lines - Top lip
Crow's feet
Pre-auricular wrinkles (in front of your ear)
       Mole/Skin tag/Xanthelasma removal                                        from

Rejuvenation Packages

Mini Face Lift - Upper eyelids, Crow's feet and Smoker's lines - worth £1,097.00
x1 Session Plasmage, x1 Antiwrinkle injection 3areas, x1ml fillers - worth £1,039.00 
x2 Sessions Plasmage, x2 Antiwrinkle injections 3areas, x2ml Fillers - worth £2,078.00 - Minimum 12 weeks apart
Upper eyelids, x2 Plasmage sessions
Upper and Lower eyelids x2 Plasmage sessions
Bespoke combination of treatments

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