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PLASMAGE has arrived !! 
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The Ear Care Centre is delighted to be able to offer plasma energy based therapy with the newest tool in Dermatology and Medical Aesthetics in the UK: PLASMAGE

Keep on reading if you are considering a face lift or even surgery to get rid of baggy eyelids…
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PLASMAGE is a new medical device for precision non-invasive microsurgery launched in the UK in October 2017 at the latest CCRexpo Clinical+Cosmetic+Reconstructive Congress at Olympia-London.

Dr. David Crispin-Chavez was among the attendees and joined hundreds of Aesthetic practitioners in a fully packed 2day Non-Surgical Conference. 
Dr. Kate Goldie, Medical Director and founder of Medics Direct, well known in the UK and internationally in the Aesthetic field, moderated on a Non-surgical Blepharoplasty conference. A live demonstration was shown and the presentation included a detailed description of the procedure and the device.
Dr Kate Goldie Non Surgical blepharoplasty
PLASMAGE was introduced in Europe in 2016, by the Brera Company (, based in Italy, which specialises in the manufacture of medical devices for the market of medical aesthetics, physical medicine and rehabilitation/physiotherapy. 

PLASMAGE features an upgraded, effective, safe and more refined plasma energy delivery method, likened to a micro lightning bolt, to remove excess skin from the upper and lower eyelids, it shrinks and tightens the skin around the eyes, giving you results in as little as one week. 

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Also used for wrinkles and perioral lines (smokers lines), as well as other medical conditions like lentigo (skin pigmentation), xanthelasma (cholesterol deposition around your eyes), stretch marks, surgical or traumatic scarring, verrucae/warts and ultimately facial skin rejuvenation.

The procedure takes between 30 to 60 minutes depending on the area treated and there is considerably less downtime compared to surgical procedures. 

The benefits are frequently visible immediately after the procedure and can be repeated if needed after 8-10weeks, preferably after 12 weeks. Depending on the skin quality and the degree of eyelid hooding, some clients will need up to 4 sessions. The results will last you for many years, until mother nature says otherwise!

PLASMAGE treatment is suitable for all skin types within the Fitzpatrick classification for both male and female clients and Dr. Crispin-Chavez offers an initial consultation to fully assess the treatment areas and will advice you accordingly.

On your arrival to the clinic, you will have a numbing cream applied to the area, which will ensure that the discomfort during the treatment is minimal.
·       There are NO blades or scalpels involved so no scarring
·       no bleeding and no injections needed
·       only an anaesthetic cream is applied to the area for treatment
·       short procedure
·       short recovery period
·       much less expensive than surgery
Following your treatment with PLASMAGE, you will have a series of treatment dots visible on the skin. There may be a slight swelling and discomfort for a day or two, followed by scabbing of the treated area which will start falling off from day 4 to 5. Throughout this period, you will need to wash your face with a mild cleanser and apply cold compresses, frequent sterile petrolatum application, a high SPF cream and sunglasses (even if we don’t have any sunshine!). 
After this, you can start using your usual liquid make up and concealer. Avoid sun exposure and tanning booths for 7 to 8 weeks. 
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