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Our Fees
Ear examination
Microsuction to one or both ears
Medical diagnosis and treatment
 Private prescription
 Foreign body removal
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Our Fees Explained
Your Ear Assessment by the Doctor will determine if you need microsuction or not, it includes filling a Client Registration and Medical History form prior to your ear examination. From here, and depending on your symptoms, you will be clearly informed whether you need any further medical procedures. Please note any other ear symptoms unrelated to wax build up, are charged as Diagnosis and Treatment (essentially a consultation).
Ear wax microsuction   £95.00 (for one or both ears)    This is a straightforward procedure and applies to wax removal due to accumulation/build up without the presence of infections.
Diagnosis and Treatment/Consultation   £95.00         Many of our clients have symptoms that are not due to wax build up, or have underlying conditions that may predispose to infections. However, infections can affect anybody and sometimes be obscured behind a collection of wax. Your ears can not be examined properly unless the ear canals are free from any wax/debri/discharge. Should an infection be found after clearing your ear canals, you will need diagnosing and treatment. Very frequently, treatment includes medications in the form of ear drops, sprays or antibiotic capsules or tablets. The Doctor will issue you with a private prescription, this is charged at £20.00 and the fee is in addition to your Diagnosis and treatment. Please be aware, the chemist will charge you non NHS fees for each of the medications prescribed.


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