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Dermal Fillers and Toxin Prices
10% OFF ONLY for NEW Clients
(but not for just one area of Toxin)

Botulinum Toxin
          1area           £180.00
          2areas         £260.00
          3areas         £320.00
 Yearly Botox package (3 visits of x3 areas)                 £860.00
  Toxin for Hyperhydrosis(excessive armpit sweating)  £440.00
Top up/corrections are given at the two week review (max 3weeks), not after. Corrections are free, but top ups are charged at £50.00
We use Bocouture (from MERZ, one of the biggest companies worldwide, from Germany)) which is 95% strength, and gives a more natural/fresh look.  If you would prefer BOTOX brand for a frozen face look, we will be happy to order it in advance.
Dermal Fillers
     Lip enhancement                              £320.00
     Nasolabial/marionette/perioral       £340.00 (wrinkles around mouth and nose)
     Cheek and chin enhancement       £340 for first 1ml
                                                                  £590 for 2ml(first visit)
     Hyalase – Filler removal & correction:   Price to be discussed with the Doctor.
There is no top up for fillers. We charge by the 1ml syringe used.
     We offer 20% off if they want more fillers at the 2week review (max  3weeks) after the procedure.
We use the Belotero range, from Merz. If clients prefer a different filler brand, we will be very happy to order it in advance.
Skin tags/Warts Excision with Plasmage      £150.00 each, £300.00 per area(3 to 5), any more than 5 to discuss with the Dr.

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