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The EarCare Centre was created to provide a very much sought after ear care service to the population in East Surrey. The present constantly evolving NHS situation may not always meet patient expectations fully. In a time when more and more people ask for flexibility, rapid access together with professional care, we aim to satisfy the needs of our clients with the same high standards provided in our NHS clinics, with that personal touch.
The Earcare Centre reception area
Our staff are dedicated to your ear health. We see a wide variety of conditions, varying from ear wax removal and earache symptoms to chronic ear infections.
We understand the importance of regular check-ups and the need for ongoing treatment.
After your visit with us, you will leave your appointment with a better understanding of your condition and all your questions answered. Its our goal to deliver high-quality ear care to all people in the East Surrey area.
Our lead clinician is Dr. David Crispin-Chavez. He graduated in Peru and obtained full registration with the General Medical Council in 1997.  After a period of medical training in the East Surrey area, he qualified as a General practitioner In 2003 and then obtained his Post Graduate Diploma in Ear, Nose and Throat surgery from the Middlesex University in 2004.  Dr. Crispin-Chavez was running the Intermediate Ear,Nose and Throat clinics for the East Surrey community from 2006 until March 2012 and provided a similar service for the Croydon area since 2010 until January 2016.
Our Managing Director is Mrs. Carol-Ann Crispin-Chavez. She graduated as a Specialist Practice Nurse in 2002, with the University of Surrey. She is responsible for the overall management of the service, Clinical Governance, Health and Safety and implementation of up to date national guidelines ensuring high quality standards, registration and compliance with the Care Quality Commission.

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