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Home visits available now!
The Ear Care Centre is delighted to announce our NEW Mobile Microsuction service, starting with immediate effect!
This service is primarily designed to offer ear health care to clients who for one reason or another are unable to mobilise or have health problems that restrict them to their own residence, warden assisted or nursing home. However, we would be happy to extend our services to any clients who would prefer a more personal approach and have treatment in the comfort of their own home.
Please contact our friendly reception staff for more information on 01883 212800 or drop us an email to
We offer our services at a time and location convenient to you, including evening or weekends.
If possible, have your ears checked by your doctor or nurse, to confirm there is wax build up. If your ears are clean and free from wax, you obviously will not need microsuction (but maybe a hearing test) and a call out charge will apply(currently £40.00)
For home visits, it is advisable to use an olive/almond oil spray or drops, for the week prior to appointment, easily available at any chemist. This is to avoid a second visit and fee if the procedure is not successful first time round, which very rarely happens.
Our equipment is light and easy to carry, setting up only takes a few minutes and the procedure is between 20-30minutes long, depending on the condition of your ears. We will need a couple of chairs and access to a mains socket.
Fee: £140.00  within 5 mile AA traveling distance
For distances greater than 5 miles from our Caterham clinic, an additional fee will be required, to be advised and agreed with the doctor.

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