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Dermal Fillers and Toxin Prices
20% OFF ONLY for NEW Clients
(but not for just one area of Toxin

Botulinum Toxin)
          1area           £180.00
          2areas         £260.00
          3areas         £320.00
 Yearly Botox package (3 visits of x3 areas)                 £860.00
  Toxin for Hyperhydrosis(excessive armpit sweating)  £440.00
Top up/corrections are given at the two week review (max 3weeks), not after. Corrections are free, but top ups are charged at £50.00
We use Bocouture (from MERZ, one of the biggest companies worldwide, from Germany)) which is 95% strength, and gives a more natural/fresh look.  If you would prefer BOTOX brand for a frozen face look, we need to order it in advance.
Dermal Fillers
     Lip enhancement                              £320.00
     Nasolabial/marionette/perioral       £340.00 (wrinkles around mouth and nose)
     Cheek and chin enhancement       £340 for first 1ml
                                                                  £590 for 2ml(first visit)
     Hyalase – Filler removal & correction:   Price to be discussed with the Doctor.
There is no top up for fillers. We charge by the 1ml syringe used.
     We offer 20% off if they want more fillers at the 2week review (max  3weeks) after the procedure.
We use the Belotero range, from Merz. If clients want any other filler brand, we are happy to order it in advance.
Skin tags/Warts cryotherapy     £50.00 each, £150.00 per area(3 to 5), any more than 5 to discuss with the Dr.

Elliptical excision and stitches: 1 lesion from £350.00 additional lesion £250 each

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